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The domain expires in 2 days. I have people saying they will donate but have not seen anything concrete. Donations can be done on the homepage with PayPal or anonymously through all kinds of crypto currencies, but if no one lives up to it I'll let it expire. I have a lot of costs every year for different websites and I can do without this one, certainly if no one even uses this website anymore. I will make a back-up of the site in case someone wants to have it, but the domain will be gone and can not be re-registered until 3 months have passed so take note of that in case you wanted to wait until it expires. If you want to take over the whole site including domain and host yourself, fine by me too! If you don't want to take care of the technical stuff but want to take over the yearly costs and be owner of the domain and site, also fine, I can arrange that for you. I can even put you on a cheaper hosting service that would be sufficient for this website (€2,99 a month before VAT with a 30-day free trial). But be quick. If I have to re-activate the domain after it expires the costs will be a lot higher.

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The PDHI domain will expire this April. I am willing to keep the site up but since I'm not really involved in this hoax myself I don't want to eat the costs anymore, I decided to put up a donation button. If you'd like to keep the forum up, please consider donating to cover the yearly costs. You will find it in the right sidebar on the homepage. Thanks a bunch!

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March 22, 2018, 09:42:35 AM by CuriousPoses
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Does anyone else find the legal mumbo jumbo depiction in. language extremely evasive, vague and dismissive, even laughable?! (lol ) Isn't everything s...
January 21, 2018, 02:52:04 PM by MIRvmn
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From his album Art Official Age

Any person or object whatsoever
That requires your attention
Is something that has veered
from its path
And preordained destiny
of total enlightenment

December 22, 2017, 11:28:38 PM by LuVbuG | Views: 803 | Comments: 3

just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all at this forum and  thank all those i met over time on this site
it was a most enlightening site from the start with such an international flare
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