Re: Connected? YES..!!
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Hi everyone!
I agree that something is definitely up with Morris and that post!
Tyka's FB is no longer private, I just checked it!
The numbers game that's involved in this, is quite clear, for thoes who want to look.  I believe prince planned this whole thing years ago.
I have noticed that if someone leaves a comment regarding his death (hoax) or the estate, it is almost immediately deleted. 
One would think that after 8 months we would have seen some type of legal documentation. But there is still nothing no death certificate no obituary no nothing things that would normally be public record and all we have is a press release and people saying that he died but no actual proof.
We have seen nothing. Maybe that's because prince knew that MOST people would just believe what they are told.  He was right. For the most part.
I'm sure he also knew that those of us who paid attention over the years would catch on rather quickly.


Re: Connected? YES..!!
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Morris just made another post on facebook asking Prince where he is.  He must know something. 
Re: Connected? YES..!!
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Did you happen to get a screen shot? I can't seem to find it! Thanks!


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Re: Connected? YES..!!
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Yes Panda if possibly, share a ss or link because ı also cannot find ..
Re: Connected? YES..!!
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Perhaps Morris reads this Forum...
Can you guys please take screenshots when you see things like that just in case it gets taken down. Please post links so everyone can follow along
Thanks Panda.
Now we may be getting somewhere

("Where are you friend" is quoted from the vid Morris posted where he asked the question and then Prince came out on stage) Here's another mysterious one where Morris shared a "fams" post saying Prince "disappeared" cause they said they don't like to use the word "death"
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Re: Connected? YES..!!
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it's a very good point that there would have been some viewing of the body - if this was a genuine death they would want people to believe it. re. Princes friends blocking and not responding - dropping hints is vastly different from confirming or engaging in discussion. Perhaps they want to keep this knowledge in small circles and not revealed to masses. If I wanted to disappear I would perhaps like some people to have the comfort of having an inkling but never knowing, obviously that would be risky, especially my life was in danger from twisted industry psychopaths!