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Isn't it strange that Carver County sheriff Jim Olson retires now right after the Prince death investigation is closed? I think his mission is completed, his last big task was to help Prince before he retired and Prince paid him a lot for it.

"His eyes were partially open" That's not what it looked like on the released footage of his body. His eyes was completely closed. Another detail is this: "His left arm was bent upward with his hand near his face". That's not how I would describe it, maybe that his arm was bent upward but his hand was still far from his face.

General talk / Re: Prince Investigation File 5 FB Page
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:09:00 AM »
This is a page that was just created this month on FB:

It has a lot of information. I've just started looking through it. Thought to share.
Thanks for sharing  8)

If the paramedics had performed cpr then they would also have cut up the grey shirt which they obviously didn't as we can see on the released footage of Princes body and they don't perform cpr if a person has been dead for 6 hours, the paramedics can determine whether it's worth it or not. Here's something interesting I found about cpr "With all of the specific treatments considered, it really comes down to brain cells. If they could still be viable, you would continue attempting resuscitation. If not, then you wouldn't. General time-frames that are common in hospitals and with paramedics are 20-40 min, should they choose to start resuscitation. But, even within those time-frames, they might choose to not even try, depending on the situation"

Theres so many details that are wrong with the footages of his body, the carpet, legs, arms, fingers, clothes, head etc is not in the same position on them. Also theres pictures of the inside of the elevator, but with the carpet is still in it. How come its still there when it was seen on the outside with his body? It doesn't take 6 hours for the police to take pictures of a possible crime scene (Princes body was moved after 6 hours) which in this case is the elevator and the area around it.

Admin messages / Re: PDHI has a new Admin!
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:50:54 AM »
Ur welcome Kylie :) yes let's hope so, there's lots to discuss now  :)

I haven't seen all the footage yet so maybe there are some with his legs crossed, that's interesting. Yes it looks like hes sleeping. I think it's quite obvious that there's something fishy about this footage and I don't think they would have released it if he really was dead. Remember how they talked about respecting Prince's privacy etc at the beginning when he had "passed", this is definitely not what they're doing.Whats more interesting is that the release of the footage came at the same time as the release of the new single Nothing Compares 2 U and at the 2 years anniversary of his "death".

I've seen 2 videos and one picture so far of Princes body that was recently released by the Police. After analysing the footage I can tell it's seems fake, and as some people has pointed out, a dead body doesn't look so after 6 hours as Prince's did. Also the position of his right arm is weird (and looks very stiff) since it was said that they had performed CPR, in that case his right arm should be laying on the right side of his body  instead of over his body. Also both his legs looks like they are in the exact same position like a doll. And then I made a strange observation, after analysing one of the videos I saw that it looks like they were filming a picture, I could be wrong but it looks like that. Has anyone else seen the footage? What's your thoughts about it? I think it's fake and why would they release it now after almost 2 years?

Admin messages / Re: PDHI has a new Admin!
« on: April 22, 2018, 05:11:22 PM »
Hi Kylie, it's nice to see that ur admin :) yes it's about time for more activity and I will post something in a few minutes :)

General talk / Way Back Home - What is Prince trying to tell us?
« on: January 21, 2018, 08:52:04 AM »
From his album Art Official Age

Any person or object whatsoever
That requires your attention
Is something that has veered
from its path
And preordained destiny
of total enlightenment

I never wanted a typical life
scripted role, huh...trophy wife
All I ever wanted, to b left alone
See my beds made up at night
Cuz in my dreams I roam
Just trying to find, trying to find
My way back, back home

So many reasons why
There's so many reasons why
I don't belong here
But now that I am I
Without fear I am
Gonna conquer with no fear
Until I find my way back home
Until I find my way back home
Find my way back home

Most people in this world are born dead
But I was born alive
I was born with this dream
With a dream outside my head
That I could find my way back home
My my way way back home

Is this the way?

Power to the ones, power to the ones
who could raise a child like me
The path was set
But if u look the truth will set us free
I've heard about those happy endings
But it's still a mystery
Lemme tell u about me
I'm happiest when I can see
My way back home

Can u see my way back home
Can u see my way back home

I think Prince is telling us how he really feels in this song. He says he never wanted a typical life and wants to be left alone (since he's a very private person). Also interesting how he mentioned that there's so many reasons why he don't belong here (as the artist Prince I assume) and the reasons could be many. He was now forced to go back to his old enemy WB in order to get his masters back, he was probably very tired of Jehovas Witnesses who tried to control him, no luck with finding a faithful woman who loves him instead of "the artist",  he was getting older and probably felt it was time to slow down so he can focus on other things in life etc. His way back home, I think that's what he found now when he retired. Now hes left alone and don't have any pressure, he can live a life in freedom. I think Way Back Home is Prince saying Goodbye.

Happy holidays LuVbuG :) and thank u, we have all contributed something to this site and made the investigation interesting  :)

General talk / Re: 3rd eye girl
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:52:28 PM »
The golden ones are actually solar eclipse  from Indonesia March 8 2016, I did a Google search for the picture. I have no idea how Prince found it, but he definitely had the moon on his mind a lot before he disappeared
Is it significant that it was from the East? From Indonesia? He could have chosen pictures from Australia. Some of the tarot readers and psychic mediums have mentioned the East as his possible base. At least for a while.
One point I have to raise today is this question on my mind - especially for the legal experts in here (we have 3) if Prince is alive surely he would have contact with a couple of people running his affairs, if so how is it all this craziness is allowed to continue, the vast amounts of videos, interviews, kiss n tell-alls, books, revelations, crazy cult like groups,  bootlegs etc etc etc I can't see even a Prince in a monastery in deepest transcendental meditation or whatever, letting it all slide.
Hmm now when u mention it, I remember psychic mediums have said something about the East. Maybe this picture is a little clue where he could be hiding.

General talk / Re: The new leaks
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:45:44 PM »
Pangea (strings) are another new one from 2016 :) Yes thats what I think, hes still making music and will release it as vault material on future albums. Someone on the org said Rumeta, Frida Kahlo and Pangea are from the same sessions. But no one one the org has asked anything about who's behind the leak of these new songs. But there was a woman on fb who did it

General talk / The new leaks
« on: December 04, 2017, 09:45:18 PM »
Just recently there was a leak of new outtakes, what suprises  me is that there are different unknown versions of a few of his recent songs as well as a few titles I never heard of from 2016.The songs I'm talking about is What If (strings) 4’54 (2013), Look At Me, Look At U (horns and strings) 3’36 (2014), Million $ Show (different mix) 2’27 (2015), If I Could Get Ur Attention (horns and strings) 2’40 (2015),  Frida Kahlo 3’36 (2016), Rumeta (original version) 3’46 (2016), Rumeta (horns) 3’48 (2016) and Rumeta (strings) 3’49 (2016). There's no info on Princevault about the 2016 instrumental tracks. How did these songs get out? Is it Prince himself who is behind this or could it be someone in his crew?

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