Twitter acct.
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Check out this Twitter acct.  The people whomever this is tweets to. so tweeted embedded copies of deliverance  to cnn, nbc, Jill jones,  and multiple prince associates. Then retweeted about the restraining order and said "took long enuff" also many snarky comments about maytes. Book.

Also this person contacts prince friends by posting song my name is prince. And u can see many are interacting with this person.. Jill jones londell McMillan, Ian boxhill etc.

Tweets all nite.. sleeps daytime..  states they are traveling around. Maybe the 65k ' spent by prince in medical expenses was cosmetic?

Ecnirp-  Prince backwards.  And just a dot for a name   

**** update.  The acct is locked now!!!
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Re: Twitter acct.
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This is intriguing Aura. Q - what restraining order? and what $65 G , where did u see that? Cheers, thanx 💜