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I haven't checked out the whole latest interview yet but I'm not surprised that the story keeps changing once again. So she's saying he knew it three years before his death instead of two? I think she forgot what she said in earlier interviews. As I've mentioned before this is what happens when u fake ur death, people involved gets confused so things they say doesn't add up.
if you are lying, you have to remember the lies.I guess Tyka doesn't do it
or she is really forgetful.


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I don't think too it's Tyka. And she didn't talk about this anywhere ? It is interesting.
Prince's yt channel seems control by Prince. And he is quite active, he has just posted a new video.
Yes definitely controlled by Prince. It follows the pattern he did on tidal by releasing something a specific day every week. On tidal it was the purple pick of the week on Mondays, now hes releasing videos every Friday on youtube.
Yes there is a layout. Speaking of YouTube; Did you mention Tyka's new single ? I apologize if mentioned.
I guess I heard Prince voice in the song.
Especially, she or he said at the end of song "Is this the end of the road? I don't think so" sounded like Prince. It's may be a clue. Perhaps starts all over again as the Prince's wants.
No I don't think we've discussed  her new song here yet, I'm glad u mentioned possibly clues in it. I watched her video again earlier and yes it could be Prince's voice at the end.  I spotted the neo moon he has in his studio at pp at 3.44 in the video, u can also see it on his Instagram.  Its interesting how the moon keeps showing up everywhere since his last performance 14th April 2016 until now. On his last Twitter message august 2016 after his "death" to t-shirts from pp etc.  The moon is the key here and perhaps one of the biggest clues
Yes you can be right about the moon.
Also, there is moon and moon phases on his some clothes. Prince a man who likes to use numerology, symbolism, etc.
Perhaps the moon may have a symbolic meaning.

Yes, and we certainly can't forget Under the Cherry Moon and the rare "Cherry" moon which occurred the same week of his "death". Some things are just too obvious you have to laugh.

I mean in this article they actually act like this is some coincidence with the whole full pink moon thing on the night of the 21-22nd of April 2016.
Yes the date of his death, is the date of a full moon in some parts of the world.
Moon = 13+15+15+14 = 57
Moon does full cycle in night sky every 57-years


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Re: Prince's YouTube Channel
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yeh i dont think its WB channel either. It's Prince or PP crew. so many 7's everywhere. that song SEVEN is one of my favorites, it spoke of smoking all who stand in the way of love, and watch them fall. Tyka is just a front person. I also noticed that she doesn't seem to be spending much money personally. If Prince is somewhere like Bhutan doing esoteric practices, or Turks n Cacos Carib paradise, in a new house with a new name and lots of plastic surgery, well he has a decent income, and his money can create the things he dreamed of, political influence, solar power, music schools etc and he can sit relaxed and safe. perfect.