Lotus Flower and Prince
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It is symbolized that it is the flower of heaven. The other name is life flower.
Lotus flower; is a flower with a very symbolic place in Ancient Egypt, Anatolian, Indian and Greek mythology.
Throughout history, fertility has been seen as a symbol of birth, hope, pure passion and rebirth.

In ancient Egypt, lotus was considered sacred flower. Religious ceremonies and decorations were used in many places, from column headings to wall paintings. The best example of this is seen as ornamentation in many parts of the tomb of Ramses II.
There is rebirth after death according to ancient Egypt belief, so The pharaohs are buried with their own belongings.

In Anatolian culture, lotus motifs are often found in ornaments. Especially among the first Turkish principalities in Anatolia, Meng├╝cek has been used abundantly in his works. Abundance, rebirth and purity symbols.

Lotus flower in Indian mythology; refers to the uncontaminated life for the supply of raw droplets and lotus seeds on the leaves. The nutritious juice inside the Lotus seed is likened to the nature of a pure Buddhist priestess. Small lotus dish and seeds; wide and indifferent symbols like the inner world of man. The outer dish that carries the seeds is like the door to the human soul. In addition, lotus in Indian mythology; is symbolized by forcing the limits of rational thinking. Again the 4 noble true 8-stage road teachings in the BUDA teaching are identified with lotus 8 leaf.

Lotus in Greek culture comes with the handsome young and beautiful EKO story. In order to symbolize the immortality of a young man strangled in the lake itself, ZEUS's lotus flower is described instead. For this reason, for this flower; He is trying to reach the bottom of the lake to find his love that can not be found with his roots. In the gods' game, however, the lotus root means that they can not reach just below the surface of the water.

What is the connection between the Prince and this flower?
Prince's latest share on twitter :
You can see the golden lotus figurine in the background of the picture. Like his rebirth.

A similar figure to the figure on the Twitter picture

Also his other sharing;
There are a white lotus flower in the lower left part of the picture

And  Paisley Park shared picture on twitter

I think The Lotus Flower a clue for hoax.

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Re: Lotus Flower and Prince
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I think ur right, the lotus flower definitely plays a role in this hoax and I need to look into this closer
We are living in Orwell's 1984


Re: Lotus Flower and Prince
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I think ur right, the lotus flower definitely plays a role in this hoax and I need to look into this closer
Lotus flower symbolizes rebirht. he means that he died and re-born and that a new life has a new personality. Just like he said on twitter ''I'm transformed''