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Allegedly Prince wrote and recorded a song called Royal Reptiles, around the time of 'Rave 2 .....' album. It's got lyrics about Charles and Lizzie, has anyone here heard it?? (Princes 'transition' happened on the Uk Queens birthday , as most are aware. ) All the monuments were lit up in purple for her, not Prince, the day of his media 'death'. Prince in recent tour in Uk had met up privately with David Icke, who is famous for exposing the Royal elites as multi-dimensional evil reptilian-type  beings. He is most famous for exposing all kinds of hidden political agendas. No one in the Uk can work out how he is still alive. (bless him)
Ben Smith , the writer of the article (link below) claims to have heard 'thousands of hours of unreleased and bootlegged material' from Prince and is currently writing a biography.