Re: Vault for sale, Museum closed!?
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Well, um that's what he may have told her....
Yeeeeah...I never could get N2 the people on there can be verbally abusive and the moderators don't keep it in check. So much banal conversation.
Some of the Fans seem like they dislike Prince and or anyone associated with him. I don't get it. But there are a lot of good people very dedicated supporters on the Org. I just have a hard time reading through all the hate mail.

Only Prince knows what Prince would do

No one can live their lives in someone else's fantasy.

The Prince in a persons mind maybe different the real thing. Besides he goes through changes, like anyone.

Well we try and be open minded here. I feel... cause who really knows..?
Thanks for the post MIRvmn

If Appolonia was currently speaking with Prince, I don't think she'd be acting like how she is... and like you guys said she would be in the know especially about her own performances with Paisley Park Whatdyathink?

"How Thursday's Prince tribute was saved: Concert promoter 'put Humpty Dumpty back together again'"

Someone probably speaks for him on his behalf like he did in life "No one talks to me"- (The Wizard of Oz. Oops I meant)Prince 2014.

Apollonia said something like "Where do I send this message to you?" In her 1st FB post on Prince. Does that sound like someone who talks to him?

A few women have implied he was their private love interest when he died. Perhaps he made them feel that way.
Reminds me of his song "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" he supposedly told at least 3 women that he wrote the song about them. They say so in interviews with signed notes from him.

Thanks for the Post Jules83

Thank you everyone for posting links so we can all follow along and be on a similar page of the book
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Re: Vault for sale, Museum closed!?
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Yes theres lots of hate on the org and mods doesnt do their job properly, I prefered when it existed (the site is actually temporary up for archive/research purposes)
Yes Rainbowblue Apollonia is acting very strange, I think she tries  tell us how she wants the museum to be like, not how Prince wanted it. And thats disrespectful of her imo. Somehow I think she knows that hes alive and if they still have contact then most likely a conflict might have occured. Its the clue in her first FB post bout Stranger things that makes me curious and her talking about Prince present tense like Tyka does. I honestly don't know yet what to think about this, its to early. If she drops more clues then she knows sure. But then we have this "Where do I send this message to you?" part on her fb post, so maybe someone  speaks for him on his behalf like u said.
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We are living in Orwell's 1984
Re: Vault for sale, Museum closed!?
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I agree that she may have been told that at one point.
However, I feel like, either she isn't in direct contact with him, or there was a disagreement at some point.
I also agree if she was in contact with him she would not be acting like she is.
I am still not sure what to think about her.
She may have been told a lot of things, but it's prince. He probably changed his mind.
Re: Vault for sale, Museum closed!?
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Well he probably meant what he said at the time.
"But you playing". Prince is usually the one who is "playing". He in his own admission often sings songs from a feminine perspective, that is his own. Songs like "If I was ur girlfriend" "I hear your voice" etc
But that's gossip stuff between them and whoever
The song is about a meme someone created of them. Maybe he had regrets and reached out to her, they hopped on his bike, drove down memory lane and made a road map of the future.
That's between them.
"A complete history of “This Could Be Us But You Playin,” the meme that inspired an unlikely Prince song"
Appolonia is alright.
Her FB message about Paisley Park is probably to him. Where do I send this message to you? And states she will write him on FB later. He probably responded in some way. The museum is still in the works according to PP. So she may have found out they are "working on it" the Purple Rain room. It was rushed and they say the place is a "living" museum and for now it's how he left it, will change over time.

Hooray for House quake! Thanks for the link. I hope they open up all his old site for archiving.
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Re: Vault for sale, Museum closed!?
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I hadn't seen this article before. Lol I had no idea. Thanks 4 letting me know.
I was just going by what she said in her open letter to him on her FB..  about him showing her the meme and that he had written a song about them. I didn't realize that the meme was created prior to the song.
There is so much going on right now, sometimes it's hard to Keep up. 
He did write many songs coming from the female veiw!
Re: Vault for sale, Museum closed!?
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Those songs come to him from anywhere. He says they often write themselves. "I wish I wrote it" he said of one of his best songs and directs his attention upwards. Muses are divine forces, when they hit.
I try not to read into things too with music or art, To Allow the work to speak for itself, to breathe and grow and meanings change over time.
Watch "Prince on The Muppets Tonight" on YouTube

This is an article about the Paisley Park museum back in the year 2000. It's something he has been working on for a while.