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Re: Strange
« Reply #15 on: November 30, 2017, 08:18:31 AM »
This is a fascinating thread. Strange, but true! If I was Prince, or his close rep. alive and in hiding, for my safety, sanity, health etc  I would want any theorising about a hoax contained in one tidy place (such as this) where I could keep an eye on it. And controlled everywhere else, where it could be wider reaching. This seems to me the most likely explanation for why we are allowed to stay open and elsewhere convos are shut down.
Yes I think ur right, I believe Prince keeps an eye on us here and are fine with us discussing his death hoax on this forum, but on the org it's different. At first they didn't allow us to talk about it at all, then all of a sudden they said we could use a certain thread for conspiracy theories. But I got attacked immediately when I said hes still alive and all they did was speculate about how Prince was killed so I left the thread. This is also something that often happens on some Facebook groups. I also believe that there's people from the Prince camp on different sites pushing the murder theory and drug story in order to make people stop focusing from the death hoax
I left the org for all this.I sometimes browse as a guest. Org limiting at people about death hoax. It's really annoying.
Agree! I'm also just a guest on there.