Was Prince Murdered?
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Was Prince Murdered? Well anything is possible. Prince in known to not take narcotics, pills, asprin or any medications. If he's dead it is more likely that he was murdered rather than developed a sudden pain medication habit.

Still we haven't been given sufficient evidence to show that he is actually Dead. No Witness have come forth who knew him have claimed to have seen his body. There was no Death Certificate or Autopsy Report provided for Prince only press releases. So how are we to know that he died and the death report is the death report is the truth. With the evidence provided this all looks like an elaborate hoax.

Prince Death Hoax assassination scene.
Prince murdered/accident/drug overdose/suicide

Saw this and thought of Prince

"Watch "Michael Clayton - Tracking Shot (HD)" on YouTube"

This fellow in this movie scene was professionally murdered in an assassination cover up. Pills were thrown around the scene and the medication found in his system I assume. Reminded me of Prince's case. A good illustration of how it's done.

If anyone believes Prince is dead, was murdered or alive after he escaped an assassination attempt please post about it here and share your thoughts and musings.


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Re: Was Prince Murdered?
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Yes after almost a year we still have no evidence of Prince being dead and no clarification of what really happened so we still have have every reason to belive that it's a hoax.

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Re: Was Prince Murdered?
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I say he's way too smart to have been murdered.. With all the clues throughout his songs, pictures, social media & the fact that he even created a vault of music it seems he had this planned all along.. Prince was genius and definitely somebody that would plan for the future. I don't see it any other way then it being a hoax.. Everything was hidden in plain sight if you really start to think about it & gather all the evidence.
Re: Was Prince Murdered?
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